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  • Before the day designated for warehouse cleaning it is ensured that the water level in the reservoir is equal to the level of the hydrofoil.
  • For operational safety the reservoir should be ventilated and illuminated before cleaning.
  • Technical staffs wearing hygienic clothes, bones, shoe covers, rubber boots and they go down to the warehouse with rope or stairs.
  • The remaining water in the storeroom is discharged by the pumps and drained to the appropriate water empty.
  • Physical pollution (sand, gravel, sludge, etc.) in the storeroom is thrown at an appropriate location.
  • The storeroom is completely cleaned with a 150 bar pressure water compressor the dirty water is thrown out by the submersible pumps.
  • According to pollution status in storeroom; the nitric acid solution is applied at the appropriate amount,waiting and rinsed with plenty of water.
  • All parts of the storeroom are disinfected with a 15% sodium hydrocloride solution in the water compressor.
  • After this process is finished, the storeroom is rinsed again.
  • Storeroom 15% at 1% Sodium hypochlorite solution is thrown and the water is given to the storeroom and the process is terminated.


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