Multi-storey car parks are steel structures with economical park type hot galvanized or painted steel modules. The modules can be assembled and demounted very easily.  The multi-storey car parks can be used as a workaround when needed. For these systems automatic payment and camera monitoring can be applied.

This Product;

  • Made of steel construction.
  • The elevator main drive motor is mounted on the chassis.
  • It passing the elevator consoles.
  • The vehicle cabinet is designed to turn the vehicle from the system by turning around 180 ° from the vehicle entrance.
  • The cabin, the table top and the consoles are composed of the upper the cabin.
  • When the cabin is in motion for prevent shaking the top wheels, designed rail system.
  • It consists of motor, reducer, chain gear and main pulley. Front and rear groups are
  • Elevators are nodular cast iron.
  • The elevators wheels designed for easy part exchange in the rail.
  • The vehicle rotation mechanism has lower plate,upper plate and a return spool.
  • The cabin weight is on the return rollers  the upper plate.
  • The electric panel is cap nut and harmonious with the outside environment.
  • The electric panel has summer and winter heating system and fan and ventilation system.
  • Electrical electronic system is controlled by PLC.
  • Vehicle calling system card and contactless.
  • The system works fully automatic and manual control.
  • Human, vehicle security and warning sensors are used in the system.
  • When electricity cuts the generator runs and the system continues.


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